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March, 2012

Vagaries of being sick- simile & metaphor

While I know this is a proofreading and copyediting blog, I’m going to indulge on the complaint of getting the current round of what I call the “creeping crud.” Most people would call it a cold or the flu, but I’ve discovered this is a far better term for how it feels to endure whatever […]

NESFA- Host of Boskone & NESFA Press

I mentioned Boskone a couple of weeks ago- the convention hosted by the New England Science Fiction Association. At NESFA, we not only host Boskone, but we also publish the books written by our former Guests of Honor, the most recent being John Scalzi. NESFA will be celebrating our 50th Boskone in 2013, a major […]

Proofreading & Networking

One of the most important aspects of the publishing industry is networking, and there are a lot of ways in which to do so- Facebook being one of the most popular, but Linked In, Google+ and forums hosted by publishers such as Baen Books & Tor Publishing are some other options. I belong to several […]


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