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Berger Proofreading & Copyediting

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dragonfinal-copy.jpgcropped-dragonfinal-copy.jpg Welcome to Berger Proofreading & Copyediting, the home of a professional proofreader & copyeditor who is addicted to books (and has been told that this is a *good* thing!) as well as a sight speller- an advantage when it comes to reading & correcting your magnificent manuscripts! The rates are reasonable, the services are complete, even unto taking a manuscript that needs a complete makeover, leaving the credit of the work to the author! After all, it’s your work, and your imagination given free rein from your mind to whatever format you prefer in following your muse.


The Writer to the Reader

Words float, invisible, through the air,

Waiting for minds to grab their meanings,

Writers seek, and find,

A word here,

A word there,

Flowing to the fingers

To the page,

Creating their dreams,

Bringing them to the reader,

Saving them for a world

Eager to eat, sup and drink

Their meanings.


Ginnilee P. Berger


  • CoastyST2

    Lady you are doing well I see!

    • Virginialee Patrice Berger

      Thank you- looking forward to earning many more commissions through here!


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