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Boskone 49

I spent the weekend at the Westin Waterfront here in Boston attending Boskone, the New England Science Fiction Association’s annual convention. I was in charge of the Fan Tables, where volunteers from other conventions & WorldCon bids spent their time garnering votes & memberships to their cons. I also had Operation Hammond- -to bring awareness to congoers about emergency preparedness. Everyone had fun and were able to pass their messages.

I also got to go to dinner with Toni Weisskopf, Publisher-in-Chief of Baen Books, with 5 other friends- we went to Legal Seafood’s Test Kitchen, where they were very careful about my seafood allergy, even to replacing the lettuce wraps because the Kimchee had shellfish derivatives in it. I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Boston and the Waterfront. Toni is a fun lady, and, even though she had trouble with her computer not staying connected to the projector, did a good job of discussing how cover art is chosen for the books Baen publishes. Chuck Gannon (worked with Steve White on Extremis) and told us a little about working with Steve White, and how the cover art worked so well to cover the storyline. One of the best things about Toni’s publishing panels is that she hands out free books throughout the hour, as well as copies of book covers, and it’s always fun to hear about the new books coming out.

I also got to sit down & talk with Jane Yolen about writing childrens books in regard to my writing “Moatmeal for Breakfast” since Mom was too sick to write it. My friend Tasha Turner and I also got to attend a discussion about how not to wreck your career with social media, which was extermely helpful at pointing out what happens to our reputations if we have problems with websites & other social media. Tasha made quite a few good points about what to say and what not to say, even on Facebook & blogs, and I enjoyed learning more about social media & how it works.

Tasha & I were also able to get together for dinner on Saturday so we could discuss my website and what else I needed to do for it. We changed some of the colors, fixed my tagline and have other ideas on our “to-do” list for the future. It really helped me take a more constructive look at my site in a way I hadn’t done so before, so it was worth being together in person so we could thrash out some ideas and see where we can go in the future.

Our Guest of Honor, John Scalzi, is an awesome guy & writer- NESFA published his movie blogs that he writes for, and I was one of the proofreaders for 24 Frames Into the Future, so buy it! It’s awesome! He even wrote “thanks for the proofreading” in my copy, so I need to scan that in to a computer & put it up on the website.


  • Tasha Turner

    Wow, we need to find a better way to register for the blog to leave comments. Thanks for the kind words. Boskone was a blast. I do wish I had gotten my hearing aids and could have heard more.

    I hope in future posts you share more about what you learned at the panels you attended.


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