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Berger Proofreading & Copyediting is proud to announce sponsorship (well, both websites are me, anyway) of the book auction for GentleHugs4Paws, an organization on its way to becoming a non-profit! The following is the official flyer information for public dissemination:


GentleHugs4Paws ©


GentleHugs4Paws © is an organization designed to help chronic pain sufferers (CPSers) adopt an emotional service animal. Currently, we are in the process of becoming a Non-Profit; lots of paperwork involved!

We’re already working towards our goal by finding ways of raising money to pay adoption fees &, in the case of younger animals, paying for the first vet visit so they can get their rabies shots. I personally started GentleHugs4Paws, am co-owner of Fibrom-L (an online Listserv group which has been active for years), write FMS jokes & do my best to help children who also have Fibromyalgia (having grown up with it myself, & suffered as an outcast from my peers).  I needed an emotional service animal of my own, &, because I’m unemployed, & recently was even homeless, but have since found a new home. I tried to find an organization to help me find my “purrfect” emotional service cat, but I didn’t find any, so I decided I had to start it myself. I now have Daibhi (Daw-vee) Rian, an adorable tuxedo kitten who chose me (not the other way ‘round)  & he has helped me so, so much I can’t even begin to describe it! The love I get from him has made my life much easier, just because he’s there & we love each other very much.

Living with chronic pain isn’t easy- syndromes & diseases like Fibromyalgia/Chronic Myofascial Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Arthritis & many other painful conditions –they sap our strength & energy. This causes depression & anxiety as well as alienating us from our families & friends. The pain we are in limits our contact with “society”… Often, the best medicine comes from our animal companions- cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits; whatever animal suits us best –because they give us unconditional love, knowing when we need them to stay in our laps or at our sides, never asking for more than returning that love & “noms”. They keep us active- dogs need walks, ensuring that we get out of the house & get a little exercise, while cats want to sit on us & purr, get their fur groomed, fed, “worshipped”, not to mention the occasional blackmail for extra “noms”.

One of our activities to help raise money is the brainchild of C.T. Adams, aka Cat Adams; she came to me & suggested having a book auction on the website. The response from authors has been a roaring success- I’ve received books from 39 authors, over 60 books total, & expecting more from other authors via mail & Chicon (2012 World Science Fiction Association). What I’m asking all of the authors I know as well as other authors putting the word out for me, is if they could please donate a signed book & send it to me so it can be added to the auction. I’d like to get as many books as possible because there are so many CPSers all over who need the love only an emotional service animal can give.

I’m also getting in contact with animal shelters, Animal Rescue, the ASPCA, pet food manufacturers, vets & networking with many other forums where CPSers congregate for support from each other to keep us going. I know authors who have FMS & who don’t let it stop them. I try not to let it stop me, especially since I’ve lived with it for 37 years; when I was 2, I ran under a swing my brother Tim was on, which triggered the FMS, & ended up needing reconstructive surgery to rebuild my nose & sinuses. In the process, both my immune system & muscular coordination were affected as they weren’t fully developed, so I’m incredibly accident prone & have the world’s longest list of allergies- especially to meds; to the point my PCP in Western Mass sent a note with me when I moved to Boston that said “Please try any new meds on Ginnilee *before* she leaves the office!* My first words to my PCP when I met her were “I hope you like challenges” &, to her credit, she didn’t run screaming.

I need all of the help I can get, and will accept not only books, but e-books, bookmarks, T-shirts (I already have 1 signed T-shirt) if you have them, samplers, magnets, etc. Any help you can give will be gratefully received. I would also love to get stories about the special animals in your life, and what they do for you; they will be collected to be published as a set of essays, and all authors will retain copyright.


Thank you so, so much for your assistance- it will mean much, much more than you will ever know.


To form a Non-Profit, a few people to commit to Annual (or longer) terms of service are needed! Please contact me via whatever address below is more convenient to you, if you are interested in assisting this much-needed, grass roots service organization!


My Address is:


Ginnilee Berger

429 Medford St. #1

Somerville, MA 02145


Facebook pages & GH4P website:


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