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I mentioned Boskone a couple of weeks ago- the convention hosted by the New England Science Fiction Association. At NESFA, we not only host Boskone, but we also publish the books written by our former Guests of Honor, the most recent being John Scalzi.

NESFA will be celebrating our 50th Boskone in 2013, a major milestone for any convention. We know we’re having it, but we’re not quite sure who the Guest of Honor will be yet- should it be a combination of past GoH’s? Just one? Who would be the best choice to honor such an anniversary? There’s lots of questions and answering them is a challenge. I’d love to have Charlaine Harris as a GoH- she’s popular and a really fun lady who may be serious with her writing, but meeting her in person makes you aware of just how fun-loving she is, and how much she loves to laugh! Another choice might be George R. R. Martin, seeing how popular his books have become in the wake of becoming a TV series. Of course, for all I know, our ConChair may have picked a GoH and is just waiting to tell us at our next meeting thiscoming Sunday at Debrief from the last Boskone last month. Debrief is where we talk about how well the convention went & what problems cropped up, ideas for the next one, and will be a long meeting. NESFA is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers & Robert’s Rules of Order during business meetings.

For the rest of the year, NESFA members have business meetings on Sunday once a month, with the Other Meeting at a members house, mostly for the Executive Committee to meet, but also socialize, spend time talking & eating, discussing other matters pertaining to the Association. One thing about the Boskone & Business meetings, though- you tell a pun, you pay a fine, which is about 20 cents a pun; some members tell puns on purpose, and it keeps things lively. We also have Open Night on Wednesdays from 6PM to 10PM; this is when we put our monthly newsletter- the IM for Instand Message -together- folding, stapling, stickering, mutilating, spindling, etc and, again, socializing. Most of us get dinner and eat it before moving on to the IM- usual favorites for dinner are White Sport Pizza next door & Oriental Chinese across & down the street a little. Dave C, our treasurer, works on our financial stuff & Tim S controls sales for NESFA Press- mailing, taking care of returns, checking new orders, and dealing with customer issues.

New blood is always welcome- stop in at 504 Medford st in Somerville MA, and discover our treasure trove of over 100,000 books, magazines and anthologies. The other major draw on Wednesdays is gaming- the most popular game being Dominion, which can be a fast game or slow depending on which rules are adopted for the current game. If you don’t want to play games, we also will sit in the main room and discuss books, politics and all topics in between.  Some of us spend time on the club’s computers, either for fun or pertaining to NESFA activities, ranging from Boskone to an officer working on their section of the group responsibilities.

Right now, we’re discussing the pros and cons of purchasing a large-screen TV for a multitude of reasons- we can use it for the once monthly game days as some like to play video games, but it means we can also schedule a Media Day once a month as well, to watch TV series, movies and have fun arguing over what to watch. We have a microwave, plenty of popcorn & 2 fridges; one filled w/all kinds of soft drinks & the other is full of water (not to mention sauce packets ranging from ketchup to duck & soy sauce), so, pick your poison.

And all of this is well worth being with fellow sf/fantasy geeks- we have fun, we also work hard to keep NESFA running as a non-profit due to NESFA Press & Boskone. It’s a group of people in groups of committees- the Eboard, Library Committee, Clubhouse Committee- responsible for the upkeep of the clubhouse -Membership Committee, etc. The more we work, the more fun we have, even during the crush of preparations for Boskone- we get extremely busy and run around like crazy, but we have fun doing it!

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