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The editing process & rotator cuff surgery

I had rotator cuff surgery January 31st and the recovery process has kept things interesting, especially editing, proofreading and copyediting while taking Oxycodone; your attention span is about as good as someone with ADHD, falling asleep without warning and having a cat who’s playing what my mother called “nursy, nursy.”

The surgery was to repair 2 torn tendons- the supraspinatus, which is the tendon on the top of the rotator cuff, allowing you to raise your arm to the side and up from the front, and the infraspinatus, which is the tendon that allows you to reach backwards. My vocabulary has been greatly enriched from the details my surgeon used to tell me what he needed to do, and why he was reluctant to perform this surgery on someone with serious Fibromyalgia. I learned afterwards that he had to deal with a calcified bursa sac; I’ve injured this shoulder 8 times now, and my right bursa sack attracted lots of calcium, keeping it from its task of being the shock absorber for the bones and connective tissue. Lastly, he found a bone spur on the Chromium joint, aka an impingement, and had to shave it off. Because of the extras, he was very glad afterwards that he did the surgery because I would have had more and worse issues as time went on.

One of the projects I had to complete immediately after surgery was 50 factoids about the guests of honor for each of the 50 Boskones (the New England Science Fiction Association’s yearly science fiction/fantasy convention), edit them and collate them into a document for NESFA; my one-fingered typing improved enormously as my right arm was splinted and unusable for several weeks. My attention span was limited to about 5-10 minutes at a time because I was taking Oxycodone, the narcotic half of Percocet, leaving me loopier than a sky writer’s flying skills. Since I was wearing a sling with an abduction pillow (to keep my arm in a more natural position while it healed), and Boskone was Presidents’ Day Weekend, I was able to get most of the authors and artists to initial my sling, including George RR Martin. All of those who initialed my sling also promised to donate signed books & prints for my GentleHugs4Paws book auction.

So, the moral of my recent experiences taught me that I need to do what I can and don’t give any hard and fast deadlines for my clients because it was difficult to concentrate on the swirly letters.


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