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The Going Rates

Writing books can be expensive in the short run, but it pays off in the future when your sales start to soar. For that reason, I keep my rates as reasonable as possible. When I started Berger Proofreading & Copyediting, I researched what other proofreading & copyediting companies charge, then angled my rates just slightly below the average- you deserve a professional proofreader without being overcharged. Your manuscript is your baby, and I want my clients to know that I will treat it as carefully as if it were my own, changing only misspelled words, awkward grammar & fleshing out dangling sentences unless it’s the “voice” of the manuscript. You tell me what you need, and I will fix what needs fixin’.


All documents must be in Word format for proofreading & editing.

Note- I also offer payment plans rather than paying the entire amount at once when necessary; I understand that this can be a worry for some beginning authors .



$35 for 12 pages or less

$2.95 per page for basic proofreading- spelling/grammar/punctuation

$3.95 per page for extended proofreading/copyediting of: general sentence structure, subject clarity, verb tense, word choice, redundancies and inconsistencies in the narrative voice. All changes are typed in both bold & italics to show where they are made, to easily compare the original manuscript & my revised version.

$12.00 per page for manuscripts needing complete overhauls & incorporating suggestions in text & style continuity, highlighting both suggestions as well as hard corrections in bold font.

  • Shonai

    Much better than my masters thesis!

  • Michelle Beddows

    How long would it take you to proof read and copy edit a manuscript?  I am looking at approximately 300+ pages….

    • Virginialee P. Berger

       I would estimate 2- 3 weeks- it gives me time to be thorough and ensures I catch all of the mistakes within the manuscript.


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