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Vagaries of being sick- simile & metaphor

While I know this is a proofreading and copyediting blog, I’m going to indulge on the complaint of getting the current round of what I call the “creeping crud.” Most people would call it a cold or the flu, but I’ve discovered this is a far better term for how it feels to endure whatever symptoms I am currently suffering.

First of all, when you mix Fibromyalgia with any kind of virus, it generally magnifies the aches, pains, sore throat, etc. several-fold; most sickies feel a little achy and tired, but a Fibro sufferer feels like a mountain has dropped on top of us. Yesterday, I was hobbling around, all of my joints so arthritic (I’m only 39, for Heaven’s sake!) it was a miracle that I could even sit at the computer, and my sinuses felt like they were going to explode. Imagine your throat so sore that you’d swear that you’d swallowed sandpaper, rough side out, your tongue feels like someone’s been using a cheese grater on it and chills like you were standing in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard without a coat.

Notice that I have also turned a blog about being sick into a lesson about simile & metaphor- I’m taking my feelings and illness and using sensations and images that you can feel & picture in your head to compare my symptoms. Both are used in writing so the reader can see the picture created in the author’s head; the more descriptive the comparison is, the better the reader can interpret the author’s images.



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